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:: Mobious Robotics Mission Statement ::

    I would like to offer a vast range of Reprap oriented, 3D printer kits, accessories, useful guide and tutorials/walk-through’s to those who are interested in additive manufacturing(FFF/FDM), at fair, competitive/translucent prices. I plan to do this by combining over half a decade of research & development(from working side by side with the creators of the MendelMax and Aluminatus) with a open ear for consumer wants & needs, to always offer the best services to the end user. I do this for anyone interested in joining the 3d printing industrial revolution, from those of you who are just starting out, to the veterans of the industry. I promise to always bring my services to the table with passion, commitment and overall genuine love for 3D printing technology and everything it has to offer not only myself, but the rest of our society as well.

“I get to relive the experience..the excitement involved in seeing your very first print come to life, every time I help someone get their printer running for the first time..I truly love it.”

-Terran ‘papabur’ Schatz

Solomon’s Hide – printed on a sE1X v1

International Mobious Robotics Distributors:

((<<- If you are interested in becoming a official distributor for Mobious Robotics LLC, feel free to contact me:

papabur@mobious.org ->>))


Canadian Distributor:

U.K Distributor:

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