2 thoughts on “PLA vs ABS

  1. PLA
    Pros / Cons
    + Can be printed on a cold surface / – Can deform because of heat (like a cassette in a car)
    + More environmental-friendly / – Less sturdy (than ABS)
    + Shinier and smoother appearance
    + Smells sweet when being print =)
    + No harmful fumes during printing
    + Higher 3d printer speed
    + More detail

    Pros / Cons
    + Very sturdy and hard / – Made out of oil, so more damaging to the environment
    + Suitable for machine or car parts / – Deformes when not being print on a heated surface
    + Higher melting point / – Hot plastic fumes when printing
    + Longer lifespan / – Therefore, you need ventilation
    – More difficult to print
    – Not suitable for using with food

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