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New fully printable corner brackets for lower frame!!

New sE1X corner brackets

sE1X corner brackets se1x corner brackets close up


Okay so I have managed to come up with a pretty solid corner bracket here. I cut the top off to make it a some what easier print while still maintaining its strength. I also added some recessed slots for m5 thin nuts where you can use a m5 screw as a set screw to hold the extrusions in place. I will continue to keep my updates posted here and check back soon for more!!



(06/20/15)UPDATE: So I decided to make it two parts so its easier to get on as well as offering more stability with a brace across the center of it to reduce and give. I’ve included a picture of the lower frame assembly with the new corner braces!


Github link to sE1X files:

P.S.  A newly improved, 10mm and 8mm X carriage coming next which will offer more support for the Wades extruder and allow clearance over the top gantry. 🙂


-papaburNew sE1X corner brackets

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