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New Mobious Robotics sE1X designs.

z brace_v1.1

So the last week or so I have been working on a few different CAD projects, lets dive in!


Okay for starters, let me remind everyone that all these will be available for download on our github page, linked here: sE1X Github Page

First, I started out with some new corner brackets for the sE1X, which will allow for 40mm more movement in the X axis which results in getting the full 300mm of available heated bed you pay for.

sE1X corner bracket thumbnail

The new corners offer a TON of rigidity and strength to the lower frame assembly and are a great replacement for the metal corner brackets(which you can still use with the X axis upgrade if you wish..) and will soon be a standard part in the sE1X kits. It is 2 parts which makes it easier to print and no filing nec. for fitting..these will slide right on. Just requires 4 t-slot nuts and 4 M5-10s.

Second, to accommodate the larger X axis design, I needed to lengthen the Top X extrusion on the gantry. So I created a extrusion extension:

sE1X Extrusion Extension

Again, 2 parts for easy printing and is plenty strong. Simply cut the extrusion in half and add this extension in the middle and your ready to roll!

Thirdly, so with all this enlarging going on..I decided that some better support is needed for the gantry, so after much trial and error I finally designed a excellent support system. Using 2 150mm 2020 extrusions and some support brackets, the gantry will now have MUCH more strength and rigidity which I believe will result in not only being able to handle higher speeds with less vibration, but overall resolution and quality to your prints..

sE1X Gantry supportsE1X gantry support 2z brace_v1.1

I am very pleased so far with the new gantry support, took a lot of work but it paid off in the end!

Ok last but not least, the original Y axis smooth rod holders gave me grief as well as a recent customer. I decided some new, stronger ones where needed ASAP! So here they are:

Y axis smooth rod holder conceptY axis smooth rod holder concept front (Thanks to beardedbuddha for the help with the Mobious logo!)

These will simply slide on and lock into place using 2 m5-10s and 2 t-slot nuts and will offer much more support to the Y axis smooth rods.


As I said above, all new creations will be uploaded to the Github page so please check it out, and keep checking back for new designs! Thanks!




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