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Accuracy vs. Precision and Threaded Rod vs. Leadscrews


So, after reading a very informative article about motor placement in regards to Z axis, and being tired of the current design, I’ve decided to design a new Z/X Axis system and the first big change will be having the Z axis motors mounted on the top(Will be in separate post).

For now, the new design will be made for 5mm threaded rod(same as what we currently use) but I will also be making a version to fit ACME lead screws. Lead Screws will offer much more precision and accuracy in the sE1X print quality and less hassle down the road as threaded rod has a tendency to get bent..

I will be making all the STL’s available on the github page for previous customers to update their current sE1X’s Z and X axis. If you would like to read the article that made me decide to tackle this project, link is posted below:

Accuracy vs. Precision and Threaded Rod vs. Leadscrews


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