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New sE1X gantry design underway!

by: papabur

I have been working on redesigning the sE1X Z/X axis design in solidworks so that the Z axis motor will be placed at the top and make for better printing with less hassle. The current design(by tjb1) is great and it works well but can be a bit difficult to get assembled and requires quite a bit of filing which nobody likes to have to do.

In my previous post I submitted a link to a article by Protoparadigm which talks about Z axis motor placement and why its better to have the Z axis motors on top vs. on the bottom.

So far I have gotten about halfway done with the new design and from now on I will be posting updates along with photo’s of the CAD progress. I spent the day working on making a assembly in Solidworks with the new Z axis top motor brackets which is posted above.

I will post more as soon as I can, this is my top priority right now so expect to see it finished soon!!

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