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New sE1X Y Axis touches on a perfect machine.

sE1X OpenY assembly with rod[front]

sE1X openY assembly-top

The heated bed on a sE1X is rather large and many will frown upon the idea of a heated bed this large being jerked around all day but it is in fact, doable. The first change I made was switching to the solid polymer bearings from IGUS over the LM10UU’s which made a lot of improvement but it just wasn’t quite good enough. I have used a OpenX carriage on my older 3d printer for a couple years now and it really has worked great. So I decided to incorporate the same idea into the sE1X Y axis and the outcome was a drastic improvement in the Y axis linear movement. After a bit of prototyping, I got it dialed in perfectly..


I have managed to get the motor mount and idler w/ tensioner done today and hopefully will have it ready for prototyping tomorrow! I will post updates as I go along..

I posted the design on thingiverse and there is also video on there showing how well it works, please visit: to see how it turned out!


More to come soon, til then, keep on hackin!



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