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sE1X goes ninjaflex!


After figuring out how to get this flexible filament to work in a bowden extruder, I have managed to get some pretty decent prints. Granted, this is the first time I’ve tried the stuff but so far, the sE1X handles it like a champ. Keep the print speed semi-low, high retraction, proper heat, and a good E fan will do the trick.

The first 3 pictures are some Sandals I thought would be great for my trip to the beach. They where a bit tricky to print and the straps cause a lot of stringing as it goes back and forth(this is with retraction at 8mm length and 50 mm/s speed. So keep in mind, while they are not perfect, its only a wetware issue. 🙂


PICS!!DSC00857 DSC00858 DSC00859 DSC00847 DSC00848 DSC00849

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