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January-February Mobious Projects


Mobious Robotics (LLC.)

Jan. News:

So, needless to say, January was a crazy month for me and it has taken quite a bit of work to keep the store going and my motivation up after everything thats happened in the last 6-8 weeks. Between hospital visits to the V.A., friends loosing their houses, packages of Mobious stock stolen off porches after being sent to wrong(old) address, and plenty of other things i was not counting on happening or expecting of/prepared for...
I'm still here though and orders are still going out, in fact we sold 3 sE1X kits for the month of January which isnt bad at all!! I suppose it always rains before a rainbow right? :D

Jan. Projects:

(( ( Dual Extrusion tool-head status: Working and ready.. ) ))

  ..I have not had much time to work on Solidworks but I do have a new project underway that I would like to share with everyone. In the last week or so I have been working on a design for a mechanical linear rail system using PBC Linear's GST( Glide Surface Technology). The following link is to PBC Linears website where it explains, in more detail, the advantages to this style of linear rail
[opens in new window]
. :: UGA Low Profile Uni-Guide Linear Slide ::

  I have decided to try and create a mechanical linear rail operation out of the PBC rail/slide, heres a assembly picture of what I've managed to get done so far. The idea is to run lead screws along the bottom side of the rail where the car(slide) will have a bracket on the bottom, the threaded rod will run through said bracket, moving the car/slide back and forth with the hope for very high precision.GST mech linear rail assembly pic 2

 I will post more pictures once I have it finished and ready for prototyping.

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