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Improvements made to several of the sE1X v1.5 printed parts..

New sE1X15 idler design

Here is the latest one to get a good make over..the Y idler for the Open Y carriage assembly. The old one was a bit confusing and flimsy compared to this new one. Granted we are still using 2 bolts to tighten the belt for the Y axis, it’s efficient and gets the job done quite well..

New sE1X15 idler design

P.S. – If you have the older version and you have it working for you then you don’t NEED to do this change(unless you feel like doing it).

New Y Idler T-Bracket design


A few other parts that have been modified/improved that will soon be added here and to the official BoM(along with vitamin counts):

  • Open Y carriage (along with vitamin counts)
  • Open X carriage

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