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I’m Terran Schatz, founder and owner of Mobious Robotics(yes i know its spelt wrong..).


So, a bit of background.
I grew up around mechanics which is what really sparked my love for tinkering and building. I’m a retired Army Iraq veteran and during my time in the army, as an Abram tank operator, my engineering skills were strengthened.

When I got back, fate would have it that I ran into Ezra – the founder of TrinityLabs.

I started working for TrinityLabs in 2011, starting out building MendelMax 1.5s. This is where I really learned 3D printing from the ground up. I was constantly surrounded by industry experts and did my best to learn everything they had to teach. I spent my days working at TrinityL

abs and my nights doing one print after another, tweaking my printers and learning from my mistakes.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and TrinityLabs closed its doors.
I continued to work with the founder and I knew I had to keep working with 3D printers. This is when I really started thinking about starting up my own company.

I studied CAD at college to get a firm grasp of the other important aspect of 3D printing. From here, I started planning what I wanted my company to be.

This is where Mobious Robotics was born. I strive to deliver customers a simple and fun 3D printing experience, while adhering to the unwritten rules of the 3D printing community: honesty, transparency and helping each other out.

You can always drop me a note at info@mobious.org or find me on IRC, on Freenode #mobious, where I’m always glad to answer any questions or just have a chat about 3D printers.

[contact email_to=”papabur@mobious.org”]


This company name was created in honor of a mentor of mine, most importantly..a good friend,

Ezra Z w-son

Ezra Zygmuntowicz  (aka ezmobius)

Lost, but never forgotten.

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