Here you will find all our useful guides and tutorials to help you with your build! Right now I have a written tutorial for the sE1X at the moment while the video tutorial is still in the process of being prepared. I will have a video tutorial done as soon as I finish with the redesigning of the sE1X. So far I have nearly completed the redesign of the whole gantry system. I have a few more changes to make to the Y axis before I consider it “done” or finalized.

Once you have your sE1X built, I would recommend visiting this page for proper calibration, it will cover everything you need to know about your new Reprap:

Triffids Calibration:


Official RepRap wiki:


sE1X current documentation (Updated: 08/09/15):

Github :

Current sE1X BoM checksheet:   (Updated 02-04-16)

Current sE1X build tutorial: (Needs updated!)

Guide to Smoothieware:

Guide to assembling your Hexagon hotend:  (by TamarinTech)

(Updated: 04/21-2016):

Open X carriage tutorial!!:

Open Y carriage tutorial!!: COMING VERY SOON!*(^@






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