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Mobious: sE1X v1.5 kit

$900.0 $850.0

A large, very capable, desktop 3D printer kit which runs on Smoothieware using a MKS SBASE control board and comes with your choice of either a Hexagon AO, or a authentic Jhead mk7 from This printer performs well beyond expectations and is suitable for anyone from beginner to expert.

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Product Description

Complete kit for building the Mobious:sE1X.

Based on the state-of-the-art E1X design by tjb1 with some major improvements by LoH from the reprap community, this printer performs well beyond what the price point suggests.

Key features:

  • MKS SBASE V1.2 32 BIT ARM Smoothieware + USB,1GB SD,XH2.54,TJC3

  • Huge printable area: 300mm (11.8″) cubed.(One of the biggest in its price range!)
  • Your choice of either a 24V Hexagon AO hotend(all metal-from Lulzbot) or a authentic J-head hotend(print PLA/ABS beautifully and with ease)
  • Capable of printing PC/Nylon/ABS/PLA/Flex. (Hexagon AO easily reaches temps of 300c!)[we offer a hotend-free kit as well if you wish to source yourself!)
  • Heated bed with 1.5mm aluminum heat spreader and borosilicate glass, with easy to adjust bed springs.
  • Bowden Extruder for precise extrusion. (standard Wades is available if requested)
  • 2020 Extrusions instead of laser-cut sheets allows for easy repairs, upgrades and customization while also keeping the sE1X under 30 lbs!
  • 10mm smooth rod for extra rigidity.
  • New  Open X and Open Y axis carriage designs done by papabur which allows for zero friction
  • Built by the reprap community and constantly being improved upon by myself, and the reprap community.
  • (Thank you tjb1, LoH, and s0up and the rest of the Reprap community for your many contributions!)
  • 1 on 1 support from the creator and the mobious IRC community means you will never be left waiting a week for email replies..

UPDATED VERSION: I have added gantry supports which help overall stability and result in a better outcome for print perimeters by reducing vibration. I have also made the overall size of the sE1X larger by adding 40mm to the X axis using some new corner brackets I designed which also add more stability.

Check out this post to find out more about recent improvements made: sE1X V1.5

Now officially out, the sE1X v1.5 featuring bowden extruder and jheads! \o/


NOTE: papabur can sometimes make deals for people who only want partial kits! email @


Updated on (04/21/2016) by papabur.

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Additional Information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 12 mm
Hot End Type

Hexagon, Jhead

Printed Parts

black, natural, Maroon,

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