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Smoothieboards don’t live up to the hype…


When I first got my hands on a smoothieboard, I was ecstatic. I had heard such good things about them, and they where made by guys I used to work with at Trinitylabs with Ezra Zygmuntowicz(..granted they only had to actually show up once or twice in the company’s life span..most where granted the privilege of working from home). It started out fine…I had a issue here and there but nothing too major and for the first couple of month’s, I could usually get assistance in #smoothieware on IRC..but once I started having more serious issues, I suddenly was waiting longer and longer for replies…until eventually I just wouldn’t get one..and I used to work with these guys, not to mention I just bought 10 of their control boards and probably would have got 10 more if not for the bad experience with wolfman_jm in the #smoothieware channel.

Eventually I had tested all 10 of the boards…out of the 10, only 6 actually worked ok out of the box(some later on would develop issues such as D/C’ing randomly in the middle of prints among some other pretty serious issues..). When I addressed the smoothieboard owners about my customers having issues with the boards they sold me, I would just get told that it’s my problem now and that I had to pay for it, not them…this is just for starters…

Now that I have found a great alternative (the MKS sbase boards I now offer here at Mobious Robotics) I have been getting trolled/harassed daily by the smoothieboard guys. Such users as Chris Cecil and Arthur Wolf (and now LoH, who I thought was a friend..) have gone, at great lengths, to start rumors regarding my personal affairs and my reputation on IRC in the reprap community…just goes to show what type of people they are if they will go to these length’s simply because I decided to use a different control board.

For months, I was the bigger person who had to walk away and defuse situations( such as ccecil bashing and bad mouthing  Ezra Zygmuntowicz who has recently passed away..and the person I’ve dedicated this company to..) but I can no longer stand by and not only allow them to keep harassing me and my business, but to continue to RIP OFF THE REPRAP COMMUNITY. These guys are taking 50$(Have been told in PM by smoothieboard worker) control boards and selling them upwards of around 200$, even knowing they have issues and are not worth that much.

I spend a lot of my time giving back to the reprap community, I hold calibration hangouts on the weekends..I do 1 on 1’s with new comers to help assist them in getting their 3d printer going..and I help answer questions in the #reprap is very bothersome that these guys don’t care enough to not only help out with the reprap community but instead of seeing a awesome, open source community that revolves around FFF and all the benefits to our society that come along with it, they just see $ signs…

Please keep in mind I have no reason or benefit to lie/make stuff up. I feel this is the only way they are going to realize that no matter how much they threaten me and try to muzzle me, I will always keep fighting to be treated equally.

I would highly suggest you consider other ALTERNATIVES if you are in the market for a control board, thank you for your time and happy printing!


-Terran D. Schatz

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